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Sharp Zaurus - Microfon for recording voice - Details


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Sharp Zaurus - Microfon for recording voice

  • A small plug-in microfon for the Sharp Zaurus.
  • It will be plugged into the headset-input and will record voice-memos and secret private auditions.
  • All Zaurus come with a CDROM1, which include the recording software "qpe-voicerec.ipk". Besides you can use the commercial product "tkcVox" (Link) and the freeware "Shine" (link)
  • Technical details: Monaural Micro AT9641, 1,3KOhm Impedanz, -38dB, a 3,5 plug, lengtht c.4 cm, diameter 1 cm, weight 5g.
  • We recommand it for voice recordings (put your mouth near the micro), any sounds far from the micro will not be recorded properly.
  • What you get: brand new Micro, boxed, with wind-protection adapter.