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Sharp Zaurus recharable battery SL5500 C700 - Details


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Sharp Zaurus recharable battery SL5500 C700

  • More power for Zaurus: spare rechargable batterie pack.
  • This non-OEM product has the same capacity as the Sharp one: 950mAh/3,7Volt.
  • Works and fits fine in Sharp Zaurus SL5000, SL5500, C700. Besides you can use it with any other Zaurus as well (C760/860/1000/3x00).
  • This is a professionally producted batterie from a third party manufactorer. Capacity and hours of usage per charge does 100% match with the Sharp part no.# EA-BL06.
  • The Sharp batterie pack is sold over 100 EUR, so here you get three for the same price ! - if you are not happy with it, return it to us and we refund you in full.
  • Please check your local regulations concerning proper recycling of LiIon-cells.
  • In stock, ready to ship.