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NanoNote WLAN / Wifi upgrade microSD Spectec card - Details


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NanoNote WLAN / Wifi upgrade microSD Spectec card

  • Upgrade option WLAN/Wifi for your Ben NanoNote. This tiny microSD card is packed with Wifi technology !
  • Model: Spectec SDW-823 microSDIO WLAN card, please do not compare with the standard-sized SD card.
  • Specs: 802.11b/g with max. 54 Mbps, low power consumption 110mA/3V, Infrastructure & Ad-hoc, WEP, WPA1+2.
  • Links: Wiki - Manufactorer.
  • Please note, drivers are alpha, card may work only after serious hacking.
  • Our apologises for the high price, the rare card is hard to get. Maybe you can use this also with your smartphone/PDA to add Wifi option (Windows Mobile 5+6 drivers available).
  • What you get: new sealed Spectec microSD WLAN card.